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Heart Touching Letter About Absence of a Sister

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Sisterhood is a connection that transcends time and distance. The absence of a sister can leave an indescribable void in one’s life. In this heartfelt letter, we express the emotions, memories, and coping mechanisms that come with the absence of a beloved sister. This letter stands as a tribute to the unbreakable bond of sisterhood and the power of words in healing a wounded heart.

Heart Touching Letter About Absence of a Sister

My dearest sister, I miss you so much. I count the days until I’ll see you again. It seems like forever since we were last together and that makes me so sad.

I pray for your safety every night and hope you are well. Until we’re together again I love you with my heart and soul!

Dear Sis: Your absence is noticed by all. especially that of our parents. You have left a void that no one can fill.

It will NEVER be filled. We miss you so much but we understand the reasons you are gone.

We know that the world has broken your spirit and we promise to help you build it back up again. No matter how long it takes us we will bring you back to us and give you a chance at happiness.

I miss you so much. You will never know how much. I don’t know why you left me. You said you would come back and visit, but you never did.

Sometimes I hold onto the hope that maybe you are out there somewhere and that we can see each other again. Someday…

I know, I know. It’s stupid for me to cry over you, but I just can’t accept your absence in my life any longer.

You will always hold a place in my heart. No matter how long you are gone from it.

I promise to never stop searching for you until my dying breath! I hope and pray that you can read this…but if not, then I am still with you. In spirit!

Dear brother, you are a fool. How dare you think I would be angry with you for missing my wedding.

You have fought the meanest monsters this world has to offer and I am just your sister.

I miss you. It’s been so long. The pain of not having you here to talk to is too much.

Our apartment feels empty and I feel so alone. I wish you would come back from where ever you are, just to say Hi!

My heart aches for your warm hugs, but that won’t bring you back and I need to move on with my life.

I can’t stand the silence at night or the empty chair that used to be filled with your presence.

I see that you’re not where you used to be. You’re not beside me, not in front of me or behind me.

You’re not reaching over to brush my hair out of my face, nor are you pressing play so we could listen to the same song at different times.

I miss your presence and I miss who you used to be…

I remember when you left and the hole that was left in my heart. All I wanted to do was cry and lie down.

I miss waking up to you singing to the radio so loudly that Mom could hear it downstairs. I miss our bonding and all our little inside jokes.

I try to focus on positive things, like remembering how much laughter filled our home. But sometimes I just can’t find anything positive.

It hurts me that you aren’t here. I’m trying to be strong and not cry, but it’s hard when your hole is empty.

This morning I woke up and the first thing I thought was “Good morning Stephanie” but then it hit me, “I don’t have a sis anymore.”

So I just keep crying because you’re gone and it’s too painful.

I miss you! So much…I feel even farther away today than the day you left.

I feel like a part of me is missing, how do you go from talking to someone every single day to having not even a whisper? I miss you so much!

I want to go back in time about 6 years and relive some moments with you. I miss eating my breakfast with you each morning. I miss our little gas station adventures.

I miss you, Sis. I’ll never forget the fun we used to have, running around the house and yard with just our shadows or a stick as our only weapon.

Dear sister, today is your birthday. I miss you and wish that you were here to celebrate with me. You were the only person who understood me.

I miss our talks and the time we spent together. I wish we could gossip some more but you are no longer here. I love and miss you always!

My sister is gone I miss her so! She was very dear to me, And loving and tender, And oh! how I mourn for her now! But she’s gone from our home. My sister is dead.

Oh, how can I tell it? How can I make you believe it? My heart’s full of sadness, And nothing but sadness, But I cannot forget prays.

When my sister lay dying; How she looked up into heaven, With a smile on her face.

I LOVE YOU! I miss you so much. Life is just not the same without you. No one else has your shining eyes and warm heart.

Our family isn’t the same without you. I know you are in a better place watching over us, but I just can’t help wanting you back.

I miss you like crazy. I don’t know what else to say. I DO MISS YOU, big time! Without you my life is just not the same, my happiness is a thing of the past.

I feel so much love when I think of you, and all I hear are songs and memories that will never die… but most of all, everything reminds me of you.

Dearest Sister, You are no longer here to see or hear me cry. You had a much bigger impact on my life than you’ll ever know.

We may have only been sisters by blood, but I will always love you. You gave me the strength and courage I needed to get through everything I went through these last few years.

The words you wrote to me still echo through my brain daily, “Everything happens for a reason, never be afraid to change.”

I miss you. I miss your laugh, your smiles, your cheery disposition. I want so badly to talk to you, to share with you what’s going on, and hear about your day, too.

I hope that one day when all the pain subsides and my heart no longer aches, that maybe then we can pick up where we left off, and be sisters again.

Dear Amanda, I know you are reading this from Heaven. I just wanted to let you know that I miss you a lot!

You were the best sister I ever had. If I could trade places with you, I would do it in a heartbeat.

My life isn’t the same without you here next to me, but I feel your presence all around me.

It’s been a long time since I heard your voice. It’s been a long time since we’ve talked. It’s been even longer since I’ve seen you smile or have your arms around me.

Today I feel like my world has ended, like everything is wrong and that nothing will ever be the same again. But then I remember that you’re still here with me.

You live within the tears I cry and the laughter I share with others.

You were the strongest woman I knew. I wish you were here to guide me and tell me how to be a better person. I loved you, looked up to you, and miss you every day.

Your life on earth is over but rest assured that heaven has gained an angel. You are not being punished, you are not suffering.

You are only leaving behind all the pain, agony, and suffering that this world brings because your soul is so pure and light.

As a little girl, I remember you begging me to wash my hands when we were playing outside so that we could always stay together.

I miss you greatly and want to ask you how you’ve been, if you’re still alive, or if I should start looking for your coffin.

I know it’s a little funny to talk this way, but I felt as if I wanted to reach out to you from the depths of my heart. …

Why couldn’t life be more like movies? Where it would cut to a montage of you and me.

You would have curly hair and I’d have straight. Your eyes would be green and mine dark brown.

Our smiles would spread across our faces, forever making you seem more beautiful than before.

We would sing songs from our favorite musicals at the tops of our lungs even though we’d be off-key.

I miss you, my dear sister. I would give anything to have one more day with you, one more minute. I love you so much! Please come back and see me again…

I wish you were here. I need you here with me. We haven’t always been close, but I love you so much.

You and your boys are the only family I have left. I wish we had spent more time together and gotten to know each other better, but no more chances now. Love always, sister.

You are missed so terribly. I dream of you and Dad smiling down over us all the time.

Some nights it hurts so much I can’t fall asleep. I think of all the fun we had together and I just wish you were here with me now.

There is a huge part of my heart that’s missing, but I will always keep your memory close to my heart and your love within my soul.

Sometimes I sit and think about how much I miss you. No one can take away the pain of your loss. Today is your birthday, but for me, it’s really about regrets.

I regret never telling you how much you meant to me and how many times I wished for a sister like you.

My dear sister, I miss you so much. I wish that you would come back because I love you so much.

We used to play together and share secrets. I cannot even imagine the day when you left me the last time.

I was only 10 years old. The reason why you left is still unknown to me today.

Every day that goes by, it makes me more and more sad because of the loss we have suffered. It has truly broken my heart and ripped my family apart.

I never really thanked you for the sacrifices you made to help me through life.

You were my role model and best of friends. Losing you was the hardest time in my life, but I have learned to live without you.

Dear little sister, I miss you. You were the best sister that anyone could ever have.

I remember when we would skip and jump down imaginary hills and play for hours on end.

I never understood why you had to go…but then again I’m not sure why you came in the first place.

I remember the day you left with so much pain. I couldn’t imagine living without my sister and now I know what it feels like.

You have so many people that love you and will miss you, me included. Your big sister is going to miss you so much!

I love you so much. You are the older sister that I never had, you are everything to me. I remember playing with you as a little girl and then growing up with you.

You helped me get through middle school with all of your wise advice and encouragement.

You have always been there for me no matter what has happened. I can’t imagine my life without you in it.

You came into my life when I wasn’t strong enough and taught me to fight. You made me stronger when I was weak and helped me find my voice.

I wish you were here to see all the things I’m doing with my life, but you’re in my heart every day. Daddy just wants you to know that he loves you very much.

I’m not sure why that day in Wyoming, a tragic day in my family’s lives, happened the way it did.

I wish I could have taken your pain away and made it so you wouldn’t have to leave me.

I miss You every single day and can only hope you are happy and living in a beautiful world.

My dear sister, where art thou? Oh, how I miss thee. Your absence is a burden on my heart and soul.

This is it. This is all I have to say. There’s nothing else I can do. I know perfectly well that you would never read this letter or that you even know it exists.

I’m writing anyway because it makes me feel a little better. All my life I’ve believed that you were the best sister in the world, and it still hurts me to think that you did not think so too.

Where there once was a sister, a daughter, and a friend, there is no space. I miss you so much.

You were my best friend, my parents’ daughter, and my sister. I wish you were here. You can never be replaced!

Dearest sister, you are my sunshine that I miss so much. When we were kids we were super close.

We did everything together, always having each other’s back. As we grew older and went to different colleges it became harder to stay in touch and make time to see each other.

You are the only person that truly understands me like no one else can, and I wish you could be here with me right now. It’s hard to imagine life without you around!

I wish I could hug you right now. I tried hard to stop the tears, but with every thought of you, they come.

It’s so hard for me to imagine a world without you. You will always be there for me and now your absence is killing me inside.

I’m at a loss for words, knowing that doesn’t change the fact that I’ll miss you terribly.

Every day I think of you, I miss your presence. You were the closest person in my life.

Even though you are no longer here with me I can still hear your laughter and feel your touch.

Your love is so strong that they say it lives on after death, maybe one day we will meet again at the place where it all began.

I know you are away, but I will ALWAYS be here. No matter how many miles fall between us, our hearts will always be together.

I love you so much. And as long as I continue to breathe, your smile will forever be on my mind.

I love you. I wouldn’t be who I am today without you and I know that no matter what happens, we will stick together.

You would tell me stories and I would giggle until I couldn’t breathe. They are some of the best memories I have of you, but they are all gone now.

You took them away because you wanted to control me. I miss you so much and wish we could just hug again.

I miss you sometimes! I wish we could walk to school together again, just like we did when we were kids. I’d know you were behind me, even if I didn’t look back.

We’d laugh and talk about silly things teenage girls talk about… Hair, boys, and nail polish.

The guys would look at the both of us with admiration, but they’ll never catch my eye. Only yours is enough to warm my heart.

My Dear Sister, I just wanted to let you know that every day without you is a struggle.

I’m sorry we have to be apart, but I pray that one day, things will return to the way they were before. You are my other half and I can’t imagine a day without you.

My sister, I’ve missed you so much. I wish you were still here. You always tried to make me happy. Thanks for being such a great big sister. I love you and miss you so much.

I haven’t seen you in such a long time. Your absence from my life has been a constant ache in my soul. I miss you every day and night. The years have gone by so fast and here we are, miles apart again but closer than ever. I cherish every one of our conversations and rely on them more now because they are so few. I yearn to see your face which holds all the love of our family and all the pain of the separation.

Dearest, dear sister, I don’t know if you’re able to read this. I don’t know if you’re even alive. I miss you dearly, more than you have ever known or could ever imagine. Some days are harder than others, some days seem easier. I pray every day that we’ll meet again in another life or maybe even this one is not over yet.

I wish I could promise you that everything will be okay. I wish I could stop your tears, hold you close and tell you everything will be alright. But they’re not… I can’t…

There is nothing anyone can do to make this better. The best thing we can do is remember you, miss you, love you, and laugh.

Time like this is when my heart aches the most. I can’t believe that someone I have always been close with is no longer here.

There are so many things I want to say to you, so much I want to share but now I’m just left with memories and pictures.

We were never really that close sisters but we had a deep connection. You were my best friend and will always hold a special place in my heart.

I have nowhere else to turn, and I’m afraid you will be in pain for a long time; much longer than if you were to leave sooner.

You were the center of my universe and the light of my day. When you left us I lost my best friend, my heart, and my soul.

You were a part of me, my life, and there is a hole in my heart that will never heal. To touch or hug you again would be heaven.

I miss you so much it hurts sometimes. I’m still trying to figure out how a person so strong and amazing could not fight her disease long enough for me to say goodbye.

You are with me in spirit every day and I would love to give you one of my hugs right now.

The pain doesn’t lessen with time, it just becomes easier to walk with, but seeing your face or hearing your voice is yet impossible. Love you, sis.

I’ve never liked seeing you cry. Because I can’t do anything about it. But if you’re crying because you’re happy, then I’ll be there for you in a heartbeat.

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