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Heart Touching Letter About Absence of a Granddaughter

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In this heartfelt article, we delve into the emotional journey of a grandparent experiencing the profound impact of their granddaughter’s absence. A grandparent-grandchild bond is unlike any other, filled with unconditional love, shared memories, and cherished moments. When distance or circumstances separate them, it can lead to feelings of longing and melancholy. In this heart-touching letter, the grandparent pens down their emotions, conveying love and embracing the memories that keep their bond alive. Let’s explore this letter and the myriad of emotions it holds.

Heart Touching Letter About Absence of a Granddaughter

There is a letter I sent to my significant other after our granddaughter was born. The letter started as what you’d expect it to be:

When I look up into the heavens, my heart stirs with love for you.

I long to hold you close and tell you how much you mean to me. My grandma’s love for you is so large, it fills every piece of my heart with joy.

There seems to be an emptiness in my heart now that you are not here, I feel like half of me is missing.

It hurts me every day to know that I cannot watch over you or protect you from the evils of life.

Dear Granddaughter, I do not understand why you must live so far from us. My heart aches for you and your mom.

We constantly think about you and pray that you are safe and happy. Know that we love you so much and will always be here for you.

Dear Dahlia, I haven’t seen you for weeks. Weeks that have turned into months. I know you are young, but still, you have many things to learn from your grandmother.

I have held you in my arms and sang you lullabies while you fell asleep, while I kissed your head to help him grow strong. But now the time has come for me to say goodbye.

I miss you, I miss your smile, but mostly I miss seeing your beautiful face light up when you open a gift.

I know that it has been a long time since you have been home, I listen to happy reminders of our times together, and guess what is going on in your precious little life?

I want you to know that I love you very much. I miss being able to hear your voice, to see your smile and just be with you.

My heart is breaking every second of every day that I am away from you. It seems like a thousand years since I last held you since I kissed those tiny lips and…

You were always there for me, a shoulder to cry on, a hug to hold me tight.

We have been through so much together, I think about you every day, wishing I could erase the cruel twist of fate that has prevented us from seeing each other.

I miss you beyond words can say. Know that I am thinking of you every moment. Love you so much.

Grandma misses you. Something good happened yesterday and I thought about you for the first time in a long, long time.

We had a new litter of puppies born here at the farm. They are all so cute and tiny, some almost as small as my hands that hold this note to you.

They’re playful like we were when we were little. One of them is your color which reminds me of the beautiful blue eyes that you have, too beautiful to stare into without crying sometimes.

I know at times I can be overbearing and stubborn, but I’m old and this is how I was raised.

I don’t want a hug, I don’t want a kiss. I only want you to come home. A lot of time has passed, the holidays have come and gone… my life will never be the same.

You’ll never know the pain that you have caused me. The tears that I cry, the nights that I pray… It’s too late now. Everything must

I know if you were here you would have called me. Why don’t you call? I can’t stand to think I may never hear your voice again. I hope you are safe and well.

I have always thought of you every day, from that very first moment I held you. I wish I could describe it; the feeling of you in my arms for the first time.

It was a love that swept through me like nothing I had ever felt before, and I will never forget it.

Misty, I was never blessed with a daughter but you are the daughter I never had.

You are the light of my life. I love you because you bring me happiness when I am in pain.

I love you because you make me laugh when I am down. Take care, Honey, and always know that “nothing is forever” except for us! We will always be together!

I’m so sorry I failed you. There’s no excuse for not being there when you were alive, and I wish I could take it all back.

The pain of your loss is incredible. But watching your mom and dad struggle is even more so.

Your grandparents mourn a grandchild who was an incredible gift to their lives, a beautiful daughter and granddaughter. We’ll love you always and never forget you!

All of my life I have worked hard, sacrificed, and given up many pleasures for the sake of my family and loved ones.

I have been through a lot of pain and suffering, but in the end, it was all worth it.

The thing that hurts the most is missing out on my sweet granddaughter. I am sorry I cannot be there more, but thank you and your brother for making me proud every day.

I love you so much, I can’t stop thinking about you. You are my world, my life.

I know that you and I may never meet in this lifetime, but my love for you is so strong that it pains me to think of never seeing you again.

My heart breaks at the thought of what may happen when I am gone, if there is a day you will ever understand that I am your grandmother, and no matter what we love each other.

I hate being away from you. You are the light of my day. I miss your cute little smile and giggles.

My heart breaks because I can’t see your little hands wave at me as you say “Hi Gramma”. You are the most precious thing in my life.

I am just an old man, who will soon die. I only wish I could see your little face one more time.

I love you so much and hope wherever you are, you know that. I want to hold you in my arms again someday.

If only I had known how much you would’ve been needed in my life, I would’ve treasured every moment you were with us.

My love for you is so strong that I can still feel it when we are apart.

I wish I could hold you in my arms and never let go, but until then, rest sweetly in the arms of angels that will warm your heart and keep you safe. You are forever in my heart.

Granddaughter, if you’re reading this, I love you with every breath that I take.

Your smile brightens up my world even when all is dark around us. Now that you are gone, there’s a space.

That will never be filled by anyone or anything else in the world. You were too great for this world and not enough time was given to you here.

I miss your laughing voice, your sparkling eyes, and all the happiness they would bring me.

We miss you and love you very much… even though sometimes it seems as if we are worlds apart, we are deeply connected.

I hope I can always sense your presence in my life and remember your wonderful smile.

Darling, you know I love you more than life itself. But something has changed since your accident, since the time I was forced to let go of your hand and watch you pass by me.

Dear Granddaughter, I know you do not get it when I say I am missing you. No one can fill the void that is inside of my heart.

I wish that I could hug your tiny body. I thought about your first steps and how much joy it brought to me.

If only you could hear my voice, hear the love in each word, see the smile on my face, and feel my warm embrace.”

I love you. I miss you terribly. I know your heart is breaking. I want to come to see you.

I have so much to tell you. In the meantime fill your days with smiles, and wrap your nights in dreams about the day when I can see you again.

I miss you so much. I love you with all my heart and more. I am sad every day without you.

I can’t wait to see your smiling face so I can hold you in my arms.

You are my only grandchild and I miss you. I’m so scared that you won’t come back home to me.

I want to see you grow into a beautiful young girl who respects her elders and knows how important it is to get an education. I love you so much, please come home soon.

My sweetheart, wherever you are, I AM MISSING YOU! It is a sad and lonely time around the house. I miss all our fun together.

My days drag on miserably until I go to bed when my heart aches every second you are not beside me.

My dear granddaughter, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I held you in my arms.

The days are hard now, having no one to laugh with or chat with. No one to fall asleep while watching TV or a movie.

It’s lonely here without you and it hurts so much because I don’t know when I’ll ever get to see you again.

Dear, I’m writing you this letter so that one day when your mother is old and you have children of your own, she can read a letter to you.

It’s amazing how fast time goes by. It seems like yesterday we brought you home from the hospital.

You were such a tiny thing then and look at you now! You are beautiful, intelligent, and the most precious gift God could ever give me.

I’m about to start crying (embarrassed) you have no idea. I have been thinking about you all day.

I just miss you so much! Wish I knew when you would come to see me…hope it’s soon.

Never in my life did I think I would be a grandpa, but now I don’t think I could imagine life without you. I love you always lily-bug!

I remember the day you were born. Your tiny body was cradled in my arms.

I was afraid to hold you so close, but more afraid if I wouldn’t. You looked up at me with such innocence and trust that I knew I could give you everything you wanted and anything you needed.

I will always remember that day, not because of when you were born, but because of the first time our eyes met.

Dearest granddaughter, it has been five years since we last saw you. We miss you so much.

You lit up our life with your bright smile and kind words that made us so proud to call you family.

We love you with all of our hearts. May God heal your broken heart and bring you home soon.

Grandpa’s heart aches to hold you, see your smiling face, and hear your laughter. But, your mom doesn’t understand how important you are to me.

She won’t let me see you without a court order. I miss holding you, playing with you, and talking to you.

I can never stop thinking of the wonderful things we did together… but those are good memories and they keep Grandpa warm on cold days like today.

I hope you are well and that you are pleased to know that Grandma is not doing great without you.

I wish it was you under my wing again. Because life without you is just too difficult.

I love you more than words can describe. So please come back home soon!!

You were always close to my heart, wherever you are there will always be a place for you.

The absence has turned it into a mammoth ache that throbs daily, whenever I think of you with sadness. I miss that chubby-cheeked little face, your twinkling eyes, and the sweetest smile.

You are never far from my thoughts; you are in every breath I take and in my every dream.

I think of you all the time. I miss my granddaughter so much, I ask everyone how is she.

When we go to the beach I make sure I get the same beach your mother took you to. I love her more than life itself. And miss her deeply.

without you, I feel so empty. I seem to miss your touch, love, and laughter the most when Im so far away.

Just now I was sitting here looking at your last card which I carry around with me almost every day.

I think about what it would have been like if you were still here. It’s too painful to even imagine.

I know that you are my angel now and keep an eye out on me but I still can’t stop crying and missing everything that we all shared…I

I will never forget when you called me Grandma for the first time, or when you said the first word that I understood to be Grandma.

I dream of the day I can see you again, hold your tiny hand, and look into your eyes to say how much I love you.

Stay strong and know that I am always here thinking and praying for you to come home soon. All my love, Grandma

By now you know I’m not around and it’s killing me. I’ve never been so proud of you. Stay strong, don’t give up, love a lot, and laugh even more.

You are the reason I wake up every morning and no matter how distant we may be, you are always in my heart.

I don’t know why you decided to leave so early but I know you are at peace now.

I wish I could have been there to see your face, one last time. My heart is full of pain and my body aches from the longing to hold you in my arms.

I miss your smile, the smell of your head. My world has gone cold without having you here and without hearing your laughter.

It feels like an eternity since I held you. You were only a month old when you left home and moved across the country to be with your mother.

It was a decision we all made together and I made it with a heavy heart because I loved having you in my life.

I love you. I miss you. I want to hear your voice. I want to see your smile and feel your touch.

I want to hug you and squeeze you until it hurts. You are in my thoughts every moment of every day.

You make me proud, yet sad at the same time. Please come home soon–Grandma

I miss you. Being sad is only temporary but being that way means you didn’t give it your all while you were here.

Hey! I miss you very much, How are you? I am good. I told all the kids in my school that my granddaughter came to visit me and they were happy for me.

Hey Grandma, I miss your kisses. I know you don’t remember but when you are here you always kiss me on my forehead and tell me I’m “loved”.

Every time we talk or chat I feel like ur right here in the room with me. So I’ll be waiting for the day when our family will say “Hi” again, together again, and never apart.

I haven’t seen you in almost a year. I miss you so much and wish I could see you right now.

You are on my mind all the time and I hope that when your big sister starts Kindergarten you can come up here again! I love you my sweet, precious angel!

My Little Girl, Where are you? I need you. I miss you SO very much. You are always on my mind.

Your brothers and sister talk about you so much, They tell me all the things they do with you and all the things they say.

Then they laugh their cute little laugh and look at me with their sweet faces, And that’s when I start to cry.

Something is missing in my life. I have been trying to find it, but sadly I have not succeeded.

It has been there all this time, and that is a clear, distinct, and powerful feeling of absence – an emptiness inside of me.

It’s a misery! Since the very first moment that you were born, I have been feeling that inner emptiness. But now I know what it is – it is the void left by your absence.

I haven’t seen you in 4 years. I know things were probably hard for you to leave everything behind, friends and family. It was a difficult decision for all of us to make.

We love you so much. I hope wherever you are in the world, everything is going well for you.

I wish every day that we could be together again. For now, rest assured that we are doing ok, but miss you dearly.

I stand in the doorway, watching you sleep. So beautiful, so serene. I wish I could capture this moment, and hold it forever.

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